Clubs & Committees

We offer several standing clubs and committees. In addition, students can propse a new club if they can find a staff advisor. We tend to hold meetings during the day, for exampe at lunch, and not after school. Unfortunately, we have no organized sports teams, although we do organize extra-curricular sporting activities and Alt 9 competitions such as 3-on-3 Basketball.

Standing Clubs and Committees:

Heath & Wellness        > Posters, Murals, Literature

                                     > Monthly Activities and Events

                                     > Workshops

EcoSchools                 > CAW / Earth Day workshops

                                     > Eco Audit

                                     > Monthly Events

Nutrition                  > Daily Breakfast Snack

                                     > Community Meals (e.g. Easter breakfast)

                                     > Shopping for special events (with CL)

                                     > Maintaining food prep area (cleaning, etc.)

Student Council       > General Meetings

                                     > Courtyard Barbecue

                                     > Island Day

                                     > Winter Feast and Graduation

                                     > Fieldtrips and Guest Speakers

                                     > Special Events in the School e.g. BBQs,

                                        Halloween, Pink Shirt Day

                                     > Fundraising

                                     > Prom

                                     > Selection of Valedictorian

                                     > Speaker Series

Ad Hoc Committees and Clubs (subject to change) 

 PAC                              > Leadership Acknowledgements

                                     > Course Evaluations

  (Program                     > Elaine Mitchell Contest

    Advisory                    > Student Awards for Leadership

     Council)                    > Overnight Fieldtrips

                                     > Student Lounge (purchases, etc.)


 Ambassadors            > Liaise with Alt 9 schools

                                     > Grade 8 Nights, Grade 9 Orientation

                                     > School Promotion

                                     > Open Houses, Info Sessions

                                     > School Tours


 Publications             > Student Newspaper

                                     > Waterfall (literary magazine)

                                     > West Enders, Alt 9 Edition


 Communications     > Announcements

                                     > Photos for FB, Websites, Flyers, Posters

                                     > Film/Video


 Social Justice /        > Promote awareness, advocacy

 Equity                      > Organize activities and events


Yearbook                 > Production of yearly publication