List of Courses

City School offers a range of academic choices at the Grade 9, 10, 11, and 12 level. In Grades 11 and 12, most courses are University pathway. Please see the Registration page for Grade 9 compulsory and elective courses.

We provide the essential academic courses that students will need for post-secondary programs at university and college, as well as courses that reflect student interest, such as Writers Craft and Photography.

City School is committed to academic success. Students must carry a full course load to register, and must pass at least two courses per semester  to remain on roll unless there are special circumstances.

The courses offered vary from year to year, depending on student demand. The earlier you register for City School the better chance you will have to get the courses you want. We do register students in late August and September. 


Aboriginal Studies

English 9-12

Writer’s Craft

History  9-12


Intro to Anthropology, Psychlogoy & Sociology

Math 9 & 10

Functions & Applications

Advanced Functions


Science 9 & 10

Biology, Chemistry & Physics

Visual Art 9-12


Courses are subject to change based on enrolment & staffing.